How Will the Twins Start Their First Semester of High School

It’s the final countdown. Our homeschool year starts on August 3. Today, I’m pulling together the twins’ homeschool curriculum, printing out worksheets, and gathering answer keys. As they begin their freshman year, what will they be studying? I’m so glad you asked!

This semester’s courses include Bible, World History, English, Biology, Algebra II, Health, and Phys Ed. Read on for details about each subject’s curriculum.

This fall, the girls and I will be studying the first half of the Gospel of John in our Community Bible Study class. In previous years, we have traveled to a nearby church to meet in person. While I met with other ladies, the girls gathered with kids their age to discuss each week’s lesson. Because of COVID-19, this year’s weekly classes will meet online. Although I know it won’t be the same, the twins are still looking forward to digging into God’s Word and learning more about Jesus.

Our WorldTeen subscription helps us stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world. Every two months, we receive this Christian news magazine from God’s World News, and we check the website daily to read about trending stories as well. With so much fake news out there, it’s nice to know what’s real.

Last semester, we started studying world history using Sonlight Core H. This fall, we plan to complete the second half, which focuses on World History from the 1850s until now. The Instructor Guide includes complete lesson plans for history, Bible, and literature.

The twins enjoy a practical approach to grammar using Fix It! Grammar. Since they completed the first half of Level 3 in the spring, they’ll work through the second half this fall.

We’re excited to try something new for Writing this fall. Since the twins want to practice creative writing, I found two short courses from 7 Sisters Homeschool. This semester, the girls will be writing short stories and poetry.

I explored several options for this year’s science curriculum. Since the twins appreciate literature-based learning so much, I sought out a literature-based biology program. We are excited to start Guest Hollow’s Biology this fall. In addition to a free online textbook, the girls will also explore resources from Answers in Genesis in the course’s Bible component. Fascinating documentaries are scheduled as well.

The girls completed the first two-thirds of Saxon Algebra 2 last year. The textbook integrates Geometry with Algebra. Although they may not finish the rest of the book this semester, they should be near the end before Christmas.

My older students used two different courses for Health. For the twins, I selected yet another curriculum. As I scanned through High School Health for the Whole Person from 7 Sisters Homeschool, I was impressed with the course’s breadth and depth. The straightforward, practical curriculum touches on some health topics relevant to the twins now; others will be important in their future. I can hardly wait for them to get started.

There are many approaches to Physical Education. Since the twins are especially interested in improving their strength and flexibility, I searched for workout videos that might help them. I scoured YouTube and eliminated options that didn’t feature modestly-clad trainers. Only a few options were left. To start our school year, I’ll be introducing the twins to my favorite fitness channelJessicaSmithTV. I’m looking forward to exposing them to a variety of workout styles using her videos.

Putting It All Together

Since several of our resources are interdisciplinary, I’ll combine them to create courses for the twins’ high school transcripts. Here’s what they’ll be earning this semester.

  • Bible - ½ credit (Community Bible Study, Guest Hollow Biology, Sonlight Bible)
  • English - ½ credit (Sonlight Literature, Fix It! Grammar, 7 Sisters Writing)
  • World History - ½ credit (God’s World News, Sonlight History)
  • Geometry - ½ credit (Saxon Algebra 2)
  • Biology - ½ credit (Guest Hollow Biology)
  • Health - ½ credit (7 Sisters Health)
  • Phys Ed - ¼ credit (JessicaSmithTV)

In just a few days, we dig in! I’m excited to see what we’ll all learn during their first semester of high school.