Why Should We Delay High School?

At about this time every year, the inevitable question arises: What grade are your kids going into? For the twins this year, the answer is a bit tricky. They are gearing up for a second year of eighth grade.

Did the girls perform so poorly last year that our only recourse is to repeat the 8th grade? Nothing could be further from the truth. Both of the twins are outstanding students who have already earned high school credit in science and math. Read on to find out why they are waiting an extra year before beginning high school.

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Are My Roots Strong and Immovable?

I am not a gardener. Contentedly blossoming plants tremble in fear when they see me coming. They are destined for death. I’ll either overwater them or forget them entirely—often alternating between those two extremes. The plants don’t stand a chance.

Because I have such a black thumb, I had never dared to trim the bushes around our house, for fear I would utterly obliterate them. This year, however, we are saving money for a family trip. One of the casualties of our newly discovered frugality was our landscaping service. At first, we didn’t notice much of a difference. But by the end of May, the bushes were threatening to block the path to our front door.

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Review of The Heart Changer - Middle Grade Biblical Fiction

Do you remember the Bible story of Naaman, the Syrian soldier who contracted leprosy? A Jewish slave girl urged him to go see the prophet Elisha in Israel. Perhaps Elisha could heal him.

Who was this unnamed slave girl? What was she like? And how did she become enslaved? The Bible is silent on these questions, but Jarm Del Boccio, Author, explores possible answers in her debut book, The Heart Changer.

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Review of Lightning Lit

When a review opportunity for Hewitt Homeschooling Resources came up, I was hesitant at first. One of my friends uses their curriculum to teach high school English at a local homeschool hybrid school. She advised that their courses effectively teach literary analysis but may not provide enough writing instruction. Should we take the plunge anyway? My daughter would make the final decision.

Skeptically, I sat down with her and looked at some of the sample pages. Since she is not a fan of English, I expected her to take one look at the curriculum and reject it. She didn’t. As we examined the various high school options, she gravitated to the American Early-Mid 19th Century Lightning Lit course.

Knowing she would need to study American Literature at some point, she reasoned, why not use this? It would complement the US History course she was wrapping up. To finish out our homeschool year, she could complete the first six weeks of American Lit.

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Middle School Electives

Even though English, Math, Social Studies, and Science form the foundation of what most people consider school, electives are equally essential. Our homeschool electives reflect our Christian faith and my children’s unique interests. This year, the twins studied Bible, Apologetics, Art, Computer Programming, and two Foreign Languages. Read on to explore the resources we used.

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Mastering Algebra 1

What subject strikes fear in the average homeschool mom? Math—especially at the high school level. Because I’m pretty math-minded, the subject doesn’t typically overwhelm me. But attempting to push the easy button this year—allowing my girls to learn online using Khan Academy—caused some complications. What worked for one twin was torture for the other. Read on to find out what we ended up doing.

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