Journey to Israel - The Jordan River

Our trip to Israel provided opportunities to experience four significant bodies of water—the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, and the Dead Sea. On Sunday evening in Tel Aviv, we experienced the chilly Mediterranean. Two days later, we dipped our fingers in the Sea of Galilee then took a memorable boat ride there. As Wednesday dawned, my husband and I anticipated wading in the Jordan River.

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Back to Homeschool

Public school in Georgia started this morning. We planned to start our homeschool year today as well.

My twin daughters love playing with some of the younger kids in our neighborhood. They have an incredible opportunity to influence and bless these younger girls. This year I plan to follow the Georgia school schedule to foster these friendships.

Starting so soon had challenges though. We spent the last full week of our summer break visiting my folks in Maryland. I had anticipated using Monday and Tuesday to plan the first month or two of lessons. Some medical issues delayed our return until Tuesday night. Would we still be able to start Wednesday morning as planned?

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Review of Dinosaurs and the Bible Class

Are you planning to teach geology this year? Northwest Treasures offers Christian resources for teaching all aspects of earth science. Geology camps, full high school geology curriculum, and short video units are just a few of the many options they offer.

For this review, I could choose one of their online courses. Would my kids benefit more from Geology and Apologetics or Dinosaurs and the Bible? We watched the previews for both classes. Which one sounded best to my twelve-year-old twins? They were intrigued by the dinosaurs class. Along with the six-session course, we received an introductory geology course — Taking the Mystery Out of Geology.

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Review of Love, Honor, and Virtue

It was a beautiful morning for a walk. I grabbed a water bottle, my phone, and a set of headphones and headed out to get some exercise.

On the previous night, I had downloaded my newest review item—an audiobook from Great Waters Press. I queued up the first chapter of Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality. The musical introduction of each chapter and the cadence of Hal’s voice kept my attention as I walked.

Love, Honor, and Virtue is a book designed for parents to discuss with their sons. Our boys are growing up in a different world than we did. They are tempted by means that previous generations never were. We need to equip them with the right weapons and strategies to combat these temptations.

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Code for Teens Review

Our family loves coding. My college major was computer science. My husband works in IT and taught our older kids to create web pages. I was excited to have the opportunity to review a book from Code for Teens. It would teach my youngest daughter to program using JavaScript. When she saw samples of the book online, she shared my excitement.

We could hardly wait for the book Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming (Volume I) to arrive. We were anxious to get started.

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Journey to Israel - Lunch by the Lake

After an exciting morning of exploring, it was finally lunchtime. A ten-minute drive from the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes brought us to Saint Peter’s Restaurant.

The establishment is named for a special breed of tilapia that inhabits the Sea of Galilee. After a St. Peter’s fish lays eggs, she gathers them in her mouth. The eggs remain there until they hatch. The fish commonly gathers other materials from the bottom of the lake in its mouth. Fishermen may find bottle caps, stones, or coins in these fish’s mouths.

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