Review of Drive Thru History®

Visiting historical locations in Israel is an awesome experience. My husband and I took in quite a few amazing sites while spending seven short days in the Holy Land. But what if you and your kids could visit key locations in the order in which they’re mentioned in the Bible? That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

Since such a trip is not financially feasible for most families, Dave Stotts of Drive Thru History® has put together a full video tour of the New Testament. Last year our family reviewed Drive Thru History® Adventures. Dave led us on a virtual tour of the many locations mentioned in the Gospels. This year we continued our journey through the New Testament with Drive Thru History® “Acts to Revelation”. For our review, we received three DVDs with a full-color study guide.

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Journey to Israel - The Dead Sea

We topped off our trip to Israel with a visit to the Dead Sea. On our journey so far, we had already encountered three significant bodies of water. We had waded in the Mediterranean Sea the evening we arrived. A couple of days later, we dipped our digits in the Sea of Galilee. While a number from our group were baptized, we stood in the Jordan River. Finally, it was time to experience the Dead Sea, where even the world’s worst swimmer could easily remain afloat.

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Taught Through Trials

Do you remember the story of Joseph? He had big dreams but faced enormous obstacles. His brothers were so jealous of him that they planned to murder him. The oldest brother persuaded them to throw him in a pit instead.

Things went from bad to worse when the other ten sold him to Midianite slave traders. Before he knew it, he was on his way to a foreign land. (See Genesis 37.)

In Egypt, he excelled as a slave. He kept trusting God, even through hard times. God blessed him and his master’s entire household…until Joseph was wrongly accused of rape and arrested. He ended up in another pit—this time, prison.

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Review of Victus Study Skills System

Last month, my three daughters learned to study more effectively using the Victus Study Skills System. Because we were reviewing the curriculum for the Review Crew, we received all four workbooks, which are designed for different levels of learning.

One of my thirteen-year-olds worked through the Student Workbook Level 2, which is designed for students in grades two through six. Her twin sister followed along in the Level 3 Student Workbook, which targets students in grades five through eleven. My fourteen-year-old daughter completed the College Student Workbook, recommended for tenth grade and up.

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Journey to Israel - Masada

Have you ever heard of Masada? Until we watched Drive Thru History—the Gospels last year, I had never heard of this wilderness fortress near the southern end of the Dead Sea. It was one of Herod the Great’s many marvelous building projects. In June, my husband and I had the chance to visit Masada.

Approaching the historic site, I was completely oblivious to the tragic event that had unfolded there in the first century.

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What About Outside Classes?

”Mom, can I go to ‘real’ school?” I made it through 15 years of homeschooling and graduated two of my kids before I had to confront that dreaded question. And then it came. My extremely social fourteen-year-old practically begged me to put her in public school, private school, hybrid school, any school other than homeschool. How could I respond to that?

My first instinct was to ask myself what I’m doing wrong. Am I somehow short-changing my daughter, cheating her out of an important aspect of her education, her life? Next, I started asking like-minded moms about class options. Finally, almost as an aside, I prayed about it. Oops. I flipped that process upside down from what it should have been.

God is faithful to answer my prayers and direct me—even when, in my humanness, I forget to seek Him first. He showed me in no uncertain terms that I was to continue homeschooling my daughter this school year. I agreed to add just one outside class—I signed myself and the girls up for Community Bible Study. This gave her an opportunity to gather with other kids her age, participate in a kind of class, and delve deep into God’s Word. It was a great move, but was it enough?

Eight months after my daughter’s initial inquiry, she was still asking about “going to school.” Prayerfully, I explored various options. One evening, I gathered with some other homeschool moms at a local coffee shop to brainstorm possibilities and get advice.

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Review of Heirloom Audio - For the Temple

“Who wants to listen to another historical adventure from Heirloom Audio? This one’s called For the Temple. It’s about the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD.”

Having read the Henty novel that the audio adventure is based upon, I knew the story pretty well. I had been hoping to find a version that would draw my children into the exciting narrative. I wanted to share with them the adventurous exploits of a young man named John, who led a small group of Jews in harassing the Roman army. Ultimately, John and his band joined with other Jews to defend the Temple against Roman attack.

Although some of our kids were less than enthusiastic, my husband and I were excited, recalling the Heirloom Audio adventure we had listened to last fall. With great anticipation, I downloaded and unzipped our digital copy.

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Journey to Israel - Qumran Caves & En Gedi

It was our final day in Israel, and we had planned to make the most of it. We rose that Sabbath morning, enjoyed a simple breakfast, and boarded a bus bound for Masada and the Dead Sea.

Before we reached our morning destination, we would drive past the famous Qumran Caves. We had no idea that a mini wildlife encounter was waiting for us at our unplanned En Gedi stopover.

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