An Unexpected Path to High School Science Credit

Since science doesn’t come naturally for my high school daughter, it was tough to determine what course she should study in her junior year. After Physical Science and Biology, Chemistry usually follows. A typical Chemistry class, however, requires students to have some understanding of Algebra 2. At the time, my daughter hadn’t even finished Algebra 1. How could she earn a science credit this year?

As the year unfolded, my daughter’s science journey led down unexpected paths. In addition to studying Chemistry, she also learned about Forensic Science, Osteoarchaeology, and Archaeoastronomy.

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Excelling in History with a Literature-Rich Curriculum

Since the twins and I enjoyed Sonlight’s literature-rich Eastern Hemisphere curriculum, it seemed natural to start a new Sonlight Core after returning from Taiwan. The girls are the perfect age to benefit from Core H: World History, Year 2 of 2. To stay informed about current events, we also renewed our God’s World News subscription.

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Learning to Solve Problems Outside of the Box

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

At the end of April, our family had the opportunity to review a product from The Critical Thinking Co.™ Always happy to help my daughters develop their critical thinking skills, I perused the options with them. My math-minded twin teens were both a bit interested in Mastering Logic & Math Problem Solving. I was excited when we received the ebook and eagerly downloaded it to take a peek.

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Out of Their Comfort Zone and into Taiwan

During 2019, the twins studied Eastern Hemisphere geography. First, they learned about Asia. After summer break, they encountered the Arab world then wrapped up by exploring Africa.

What better way to expand their understanding of the Eastern Hemisphere than travel to that part of the world? After considering destinations like China or Singapore, our family eventually decided on Taiwan, where my mother-in-law lives. Six weeks of experiencing Taiwanese culture broadened the girls’ horizons as no traditional classroom ever could—though we did visit a few of those along the way.

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Building a Biblical Foundation for High School

One of the primary reasons we homeschool is to provide our children with a solid spiritual foundation. We want them to understand the Truth and be equipped to share it with those around them. Engaging in Bible study, being inspired by Christian missionaries, and reading God’s Word are excellent preparation—not just for high school, but for life.

As we close the doors on our homeschool year, I’m busily writing up progress reports. Today’s subject: Bible. At the beginning of our fall semester, that coursework consisted mainly of an outside class and youth groups. Realizing that building a biblical foundation is the most critical part of homeschooling my daughters, we stepped it up for our spring semester.

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Get Ready for Next Year with Gifts from SchoolhouseTeachers

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When I first saw the latest promotion, I practically started drooling. Receiving 19 gifts with a paid membership to the site seemed tantalizing.

An annual membership includes everything you need to teach all of your kids from pre-k through high school. The 19 gifts are like extra icing on the cake. Come scroll through the bonuses with me as I highlight three of my faves.

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Gearing up for High School Math and Science

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Can you believe our spring semester is already coming to a close? Time has flown by. While preparing to write the twins’ eighth-grade progress report, I took a final look at this year’s math and science resources. We spent the year building on the twins’ strengths, getting a taste of high school science, and pursuing their interests.

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Problem-solving in the Kitchen: Baking Pineapple Buns

While we were visiting Taiwan for the Holidays, my high school daughter retained her typical pickiness regarding food. One evening, after a delicious seafood dinner, which she barely touched, we swung by a convenience store in search of something she would eat. Surveying all of the food items, she finally settled on a couple of packaged pastries.

After making the purchase, she led the way to a low wall by Fisherman’s Wharf, where all three girls sat down to enjoy a treat. From one of the wrappers, she pulled a Pineapple Bun.

We all sampled that soft sweet roll. After that evening, whenever we stopped by a Seven-Eleven to grab a quick lunch, my daughter inevitably exited the shop with some kind of wrapped pastry—often a Pineapple Bun.

Fast forward four months to our coronavirus lockdown. Two or three times a week, you’ll find this same girl in our Georgia kitchen baking cookies or brownies for the rest of the family to enjoy. This week, she discovered a recipe for the Pineapple Buns she enjoyed so much in Taiwan. Shockingly, these delicious pastries contain no pineapple ingredients. How hard could it be to make them at home? Would they taste the same? There was only one way to find out!

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Discovering Beauty in a Taipei Alley

At home in Georgia, I often stroll through our neighborhood in the late afternoon or early evening. While we were in Taiwan, that habit fell by the wayside. With so many exciting places to explore, the narrow streets surrounding our Airbnb seemed mundane. Since we were walking everywhere anyway, I seldom paid much attention to alleys close to home.

One Sunday afternoon, while the rest of the family was playing video games, I decided to take a short walk. What might I discover just around the corner from our Airbnb?

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How Hard Can it be to Sprout Mung Beans?

Last summer, while my mother-in-law was visiting, we bought a container of bean sprouts to add to her amazing salads. Though several of us consumed them, we barely made a dent. A week or two after she left, I discovered the forgotten “science project” hiding in the fridge. Ew! Immediately, I tossed the whole slimy mess.

Recently, I took a gut biome test and discovered that those sprouts are a “superfood” for me. Though my taste buds have never been a big fan (except in pad thai), my body feels better when I eat them. Afraid to invest in a large container that would sit forgotten in the fridge, I scoured the internet for alternatives. How hard could it be to sprout a few bean seeds myself?

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