Journey to Israel - Knesset and Giant Menorah

Our tour guide, Mika, had promised our schedule on Friday would be more relaxed. The walking tour of Jerusalem the previous day had worn us out. We were grateful that the bus would carry us to each destination for the rest of our trip.

I was not particularly excited about the morning’s itinerary. We planned to visit the Knesset and giant Menorah, the Israel Museum, and the Yad Vashem museum. These locations paled in comparison to that afternoon’s excursion to Bethlehem. How could the morning’s attractions hold a candle to that?

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Family Christmas Traditions

From where I sit, I can see the lights of the Christmas tree. Festive blankets make our living room furniture seem cozy and inviting. With dreary, rainy weather outside, I’m content to snuggle indoors with my family, watch It’s a Wonderful Life, and sip cider.

The “Christmas spirit” has been slow to arrive this year. Now the lingering colors of fall have finally given way to barren trees and cooler temperatures. It’s starting to look and feel more like Christmas.

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Journey to Israel - Is This Caiaphus' House?

It was hard to believe we had been in the city of Jerusalem for less than a day. Twenty-four hours earlier, we had been driving into the city. Since our arrival, we had seen many biblical sites.

One of the first places we visited in Jerusalem had been the Garden of Gethsemane. Now it was time to walk where the soldiers led Jesus after he was arrested in the Garden. We were on our way to Caiaphus’ house.

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Journey to Israel - City of David

Whenever the Bible mentions “The City of David,” it is referring to Bethlehem, right? Wrong!

Although Bethlehem is sometimes called the town or city of David (see Luke 2:4), a small section of Jerusalem officially bears that name. David ruled Israel from the City of David, and the tabernacle rested there until the Temple was built. Is it possible that the Temple itself was actually located there—not on the traditional Temple Mount?

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Happy Blogiversary

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a whole year. When my husband helped me set up Peering Through the Lattice last November, I did not realize I had so much to say. I certainly did not expect so many people to read what I wrote.

I imagined my blog as a kind of scrapbook to record our journey. Over the year, it has evolved into a place where I share what has inspired me. I pray that my words will inspire you to walk closer to God, live boldly for Him, and diligently teach your children.

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