Peek into our homeschool week

Ever wonder what school looks like in our house? This week, come take a peek into our homeschool.

Rather than limit learning to a specific “schoolroom,” homeschool happens wherever the kids are.

Phys Ed in the family room

The twins’ day starts in the family room, where they follow along with a workout video. We use free family-friendly episodes from JessicaSmithTV and SparkPeople. We recently discovered some great workouts on Bodyfit by Amy.

Twice a week, the girls build strength. I queue up a cardio video for them once a week and allow them to walk outside on other days. When the girls play games like Wiffle ball at youth group, I count that activity as well. To round out their PE credit, the girls do a full flexibility routine once a week.

Literature & history on the Kindle

After their morning workout and breakfast, we often boot up my favorite homeschool resource—the Kindle. When I’m unable to locate one of our Sonlight read-alouds in the local library, I opt for an electronic version. It’s nice for the girls to be able to read the book simultaneously. When we rely on a paper copy, they have to take turns.

This morning, I started playing the Under the Egg audiobook I had checked out from the library since a print edition wasn’t available. Two sentences in, one of my daughters complained about the narrator’s voice. I agreed with her assessment. I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen to five CDs-worth of that reading style. Kindle to the rescue! On the spot, I purchased the ebook and began reading aloud instead.

This week, the girls are reading Operation Yes on their own using the Kindle app. For history, we’re enjoying the Kindle version of God’s Smuggler together.

Lunchtime newscast

At lunchtime, we switch gears. While the girls prepare their food, I queue up WORLD Watch News.

The kitchen table is the perfect place to catch up with what’s going on outside the walls of our home.

Written work at the table

The afternoon is ideal for independent work. Whether working on a science worksheet or a Community Bible Study lesson, you’ll find the twins at the “arts & crafts table.”

Even though it’s cluttered with books and art supplies, they still find space to complete their written work.

Art everywhere

It’s not uncommon for the girls to draw while listening to a lesson in algebra, literature, biology, health, or history. Despite their apparent focus on their drawings, they have an amazing ability to recall the key points of whatever I read to them.

When school hours are over, they’re often still hard at work, putting the finishing touches on their creative efforts.

Experimenting on ants

This week’s ant infestation provided the perfect opportunity for some specialized science experiments. What happens when you soak a paper towel in a solution of water, sugar, and Borax and leave it at the edge of your kitchen counter?

The ants march right to it, eat their fill, and take some back to their nest. Although ants crave sugar, Borax is toxic and can eventually eliminate a whole colony.

I was tired of seeing ants all over the countertop. While waiting for the Borax to take effect, I scoured the web for ways to naturally repel the critters. Two solutions were already in my spice cabinet.

Sure enough, the ants avoided areas I sprinkled with cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

As you can see, education can happen anywhere. I hope you’ve enjoyed peeking into our homeschool this week.