Journey to Israel - Mount Carmel

After growing hot, thirsty, and sweaty while exploring Caesarea, we relaxed on the bus, enjoying cold water and air conditioning during an hour long drive to our next stop, Mount Carmel.

Nearing the mountain, my husband recounted the story of the power encounter between Elijah and the prophets of Baal on that very mountain. Could the Canaanite god Baal send fire from heaven to burn up their sacrifices? Clearly, only the true God could accomplish such a feat.

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Journey to Israel - Atlanta to Tel Aviv

It started like any other Saturday. I got up, went for a long walk, and met up with the rest of the family for breakfast, then came home, showered and prepared for the rest of the day. But this day would mark the beginning of a nine day journey to Israel and back.

My husband and I packed a few last minute items then played Skip-Bo with the kids before grabbing a quick bite to eat and catching a ride to the airport. There we met up with other members of our church and boarded the aircraft. Our overnight flight landed us in Paris, where we switched planes and were bound for Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Review of Memoria Press Traditional Logic I

By the end of April my ninth grade daughter was ready for a break from her English curriculum. All year long, she had been pressing forward at double speed and was tiring of the format. I realized her motivation was flagging and was delighted to have an opportunity to review curriculum from Memoria Press. A little research on their website told me what I needed to know—Traditional Logic I counts towards English credit since it addresses the use of language. My daughter agreed to try it out in lieu of the remainder of her English curriculum. We were both happy!

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Goals and Habits

One of the products that piqued my interest during the Build a Bundle Sale was the eCourse, How to Totally Transform Your Life…Before Breakfast. After fully inventorying all the new resources and curriculum I purchased, I dug right in. As I read through the audio transcript, I highlighted key ideas that really resonated with me. Even though I did not agree with everything the speaker, Greg, was saying, there were many nuggets of truth.

After one pass through the transcript, I shared the PDF with my entire family, knowing it could benefit all of us. I mulled over the ideas for a couple days and then read through the highlights again, noting some key points that really could transform my life.

It all boils down to habits and goals.

What habits do I start my day with?
What goals am I working towards?

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Language Arts with Home School Navigator

It is always refreshing to find a curriculum my kids can use independently. To finish out our language arts studies this year, my twins and I took time to review Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum. The online elementary curriculum incorporates reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. Students can begin using the program as early Kindergarten or jump in at the appropriate level at any time.

My twelve year old daughters are a bit advanced for their age, so I wondered, Would a program like this benefit them? I placed the girls in the highest level, Indigo, which is designed at a fifth grade reading level. In addition to trying out the literature and writing components of the program, the girls also worked on an Interactive Notebook while reading and studying the novel Holes.

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