Eighth Grade in One Semester?

I could not believe my ears! Last spring 13-year-old informed me she wanted to complete two grades of school this year. This is the same girl I frequently had to threaten with consequences or force to complete her work… the one who only did the bare minimum—less than that if she thought she could get away with it. If there was a shortcut, she could certainly find it!

Surely she did not know what she was getting herself into, did she? Was she mature enough to take on such a challenge? Would she be able to resist the temptation to take every possible shortcut? Should I let her attempt this unthinkable task?

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Leveraging the Power of Internships, Part 3

By the time I was 18, I already had years of experience working at my family’s business. I never needed to go look for a job because I already had several: cleaning rooms in my parents’ motel, pumping gas at their Mobil station, stocking shelves or ringing the cash register in the country store, and waiting tables in the restaurant.

Fast-forward 26 years…. As a homeschool mom, the idea of internships for my kids never occurred to until after my oldest had already graduated. Was it too late for her to benefit from an internship?

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SchoolhouseTeachers Review

How can I afford to homeschool a houseful of kids? One of my secrets is a Yearly Membership to SchoolhouseTeachers.com. For an annual fee, I have access to resources that help with specific stages and issues in homeschooling, complete courses for every level I teach, recordkeeping software, an online library, engaging video content, and more.

In November, I wrote a blog post introducing SchoolhouseTeachers.com. As part of the 2018 Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was asked to write an additional review. As I peered at the site through fresh eyes, I explored sections I had not noticed before.

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Bringing History to Life through Genealogy

My mom is the keeper of our family tree. When she is not chasing after grandchildren or cooking an amazing meal in the kitchen, I often find her hunched over her laptop uncovering yet another secret of our past.

When we visited my parents over the summer, my 13-year-old daughter started to get excited about genealogy as well. She and I spent hours at my mom’s computer tracing our lineage and learning about ancestors we never knew we had. It was fascinating to discover family members who sailed on the Mayflower, others who rubbed shoulders with founding fathers and presidents, and quite a few who fought for our country in wars we read about in history books.

I took some time during our New Year’s visit this week to interview my mom and daughter about their interest in genealogy.

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Walmart Grocery Pickup - Part 1, Saving Time

I would love to have extra time in my day, but I am often skeptical of supposed “time-saving resources.” Do they really save time? Is it worth spending extra money? I usually assume that there is little overall benefit, knowing that something that sounds too good to be true usually is.

A few months ago, a friend from church ordered groceries online from Walmart and took my daughter with her to pick them up. While visiting my brother-in-law in Colorado last month, he used the same service to purchase all the ingredients for our delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I heard that ordering online and picking up at the store was faster, easier, and less expensive than shopping at my local grocery store, but is it true?

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