Princess Cut Movie Review

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to watch and review Princess Cut, a family-friendly Christian movie from Watchman Pictures. When the DVD arrived, the kids kept asking when we would watch it.

Every Friday evening is movie night in our home, so that week’s feature was, of course, Princess Cut. We all snuggled together with our favorite movie snacks to watch an inspiring Christian film that addresses timely topics.

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Spring Break!

Even though public school kids took a week-long break in February, we have been going solid with homeschooling since the second week in January. Time for spring break!

Although spring break options abound, we needed to clean house. How does clutter multiply when no one is looking? The popcorn bag by the sofa suddenly turns into three. I pick up one hairband only to find five more. What about the endless sheets of paper that collect on every horizontal surface? I could not make it through the final five weeks of our homeschool year facing a mess in every direction. Spring break turned into spring cleaning.


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Homeschool Diploma Review

My son’s upcoming graduation became real to me when I ordered his high school diploma a few weeks ago. When my daughter graduated in 2016, we designed our own diploma and printed it on certificate paper. This year, however, I was given the opportunity to order the Standard Diploma from Homeschool Diploma and write a review about it.

The idea was a little overwhelming at first. Designing my daughter’s diploma a couple years ago required a bit of research to see typical diploma layouts and wording. I borrowed her diploma to take a look at what we had decided on, knowing I would probably end up making different choices on my son’s diploma.

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Sparking Healthy Habits

It seems like I have always struggled with my weight. During my middle school years, classmates teased me, calling me names such as “Thunder Thighs.” In high school, no matter how hard I ran on the cross country course or how many diets I tried to follow, I always felt like the fat kid. I wanted to lose weight but could never seem to achieve my dream body.

The battle of the bulge continued into adulthood. Most new mothers understand the challenge of losing weight after after their baby’s birth. When the twins were babies, I searched online for a free website that would help me lose the leftover pregnancy weight. I discovered SparkPeople, an awesome site full of tools for setting and achieving my health goals.

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Exploring Ancient Cultures

As part of the Homeschool Review Crew, my twins and I had the opportunity to read three books by Carole P. Roman. At first glance, I feared her books would all be too juvenile for my twelve year old daughters, who stopped reading picture books years ago. I almost declined the opportunity to review them until I peeked inside the Carole P. Roman books and collections on Amazon. On the pages of her books about Ancient Greece, Ancient China, and Ancient Mali, I discovered interesting facts my girls might enjoy exploring.

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Review of Super Beads Spinning Tops

I have always had an aversion to arts and crafts kits because of the potential for messes or the possibility that a project will require a large proportion of my time and creativity. If I buy a kit, my kids should be able to complete the projects without much assistance, leaving me free to take pictures, documenting their creativity. When I first glanced at the Super Beads kits produced by Zirrly, my radar was up, trying to detect any potential problem before I agreed to review the product. Although younger kids may require the help of a parent or older sibling, I was pretty sure my twin twelve year olds could complete the projects independently.

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Connecting Math with the Real World

Most of my kids love math and art, so we were excited to review the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo’s eScience. I loved the idea of using videos and other online material to supplement my twins’ math studies, allowing them to learn about concepts that I never encountered in math class when I was in school.

If my girls had been behind in math, we would not have taken on this supplementary study just yet. However, since they are already tackling Algebra at age twelve, I decided to scale back their main curriculum work a bit to make room for MathArt.

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Review of Dating, Courting & Choosing a Mate... What Works?

When the Homeschool Review Crew offered me the opportunity to review a product from Parenting Made Practical, there were many great resources to choose from. Videos like Navigating the Rapids of Parenting and Taming the Lecture Bug and Getting Your Kids to Think as well as the book, What Every Child Should Know Along the Way all looked interesting, but then I saw the one I knew I needed to watch—Dating, Courting & Choosing a Mate… What Works?.

Since my oldest kids are eighteen and nineteen, I expect a wedding or two in the not too distant future. Adding my twelve and thirteen year old daughters to the mix, I keep expecting dating to become a hot topic. Even though none of the kids have brought it up, I need to be prepared when they do.

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