Goals and Habits

One of the products that piqued my interest during the Build a Bundle Sale was the eCourse, How to Totally Transform Your Life…Before Breakfast. After fully inventorying all the new resources and curriculum I purchased, I dug right in. As I read through the audio transcript, I highlighted key ideas that really resonated with me. Even though I did not agree with everything the speaker, Greg, was saying, there were many nuggets of truth.

After one pass through the transcript, I shared the PDF with my entire family, knowing it could benefit all of us. I mulled over the ideas for a couple days and then read through the highlights again, noting some key points that really could transform my life.

It all boils down to habits and goals.

What habits do I start my day with?
What goals am I working towards?

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Language Arts with Home School Navigator

It is always refreshing to find a curriculum my kids can use independently. To finish out our language arts studies this year, my twins and I took time to review Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum. The online elementary curriculum incorporates reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. Students can begin using the program as early Kindergarten or jump in at the appropriate level at any time.

My twelve year old daughters are a bit advanced for their age, so I wondered, Would a program like this benefit them? I placed the girls in the highest level, Indigo, which is designed at a fifth grade reading level. In addition to trying out the literature and writing components of the program, the girls also worked on an Interactive Notebook while reading and studying the novel Holes.

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Build Your Bundle

Have you planned out next year’s homeschool curriculum yet? I am still praying about what my girls will study in the coming year and exploring possible resources we may use. Last year I was able to inexpensively purchase some of our curriculum through the Build Your Bundle Sale. The annual sale is coming up again in a few days!

Some of last year’s bundles included Mystery of History resources and some cool science units from Ellen Johnston McHenry. I just got a peek at some of the publishers in this year’s bundles. Are any of your favorites represented?

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Live Online Coding Classes

A couple weeks ago, I was presented with the opportunity to review live coding classes from CodeWizardsHQ. Since the one hour sample class was at a beginner level, I was reluctant to have my daughter attend, figuring she would not benefit very much from it. Last summer, she and her twin sister took a web design class together, so they are both already familiar with HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript.

Though at first I was not thrilled to review CodeWizardsHQ, I enjoyed exploring the live homeschool coding classes they offer. While free and lower-cost options for learning to code abound, none of them include live, interactive classes which can help students succeed when coding gets frustrating.

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YWAM Publishing Review

I really enjoy using resources from YWAM Publishing and was excited to have the opportunity to review of one of their Christian Heroes: Then & Now biographies. When I first skimmed through list of books we could review, it was tough to choose one. A book that capitalized on my twins daughters’ interest in Japan would be perfect, but could I find one?

I had heard of most of the heroes before, but several were new to me. I clicked on an unfamiliar name—Jacob DeShazer—and read a summary of his life. I knew at once that my girls would enjoy learning about him since he was a missionary to Japan. When I mentioned the biography to them, they could not wait to review Jacob DeShazer: Forgive Your Enemies. YWAM Publishing sent us a digital Study Guide to accompany the book.

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Community Bible Study

Yesterday, I put a check in the mail for our first confirmed class of the coming school year. My three youngest daughters and I are planning to attend Community Bible Study (CBS) in the fall. All of us will be studying the book of Genesis. It seems so fitting that the first definite plans for the year involve studying the Word of God.

I am not new to CBS. When my oldest daughter was two and my son was a baby, I saw an announcement in the church bulletin about the program and attended an information session to find out more. Signing up was a no-brainer!

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Empowering My Son to Write

I am about to let you in on a secret. I do not enjoy teaching every subject; one in particular is my kryptonite. It is not math; even though math challenges many homeschool moms, I happen to enjoy it and love sharing my passion for numbers with my kids. I can handle history and science just fine, unless you throw in the mess of experiments. I do not mind teaching English grammar because it flows logically—most of the time. But the hardest one for me to teach is writing.

I can hear you now: “Wait! How can you be a blogger and not enjoy writing?” The issue is not that I can’t write. I just have a hard time teaching it.

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